Friday, April 17, 2009


Not that I want to sh
oot myself in the foot by telling you to go elsewhere for information on the elections. But the Ministry of Interior, in association with IFES, has launched a website dedicated to the elections. The Elections 2009 website is a trilingual website to address the specific stakeholders in the elections: the candidates, voters, polling officials, observers and the media. The website provides legal information such as the electoral law and decree related to the election. In addition to this, all the electoral districts are listed with the number of seats for each district and the candidates.

The website also provides information on the electoral system, legal information such as the electoral law and decrees related to the election.

The election website provides information on the SCEC (The Supervisory Commission for Electoral Campaigns). Information includes the mandate of SCEC, by laws, members, regulations and will include reports published by the SCEC.

The website has interactive features such as a list of polling stations that will then allow the voter to type in his/her name and locate where he/she should vote. The website will have a map locating the polling station and a picture of the polling station. Further to this, it will detail the accessibility of the polling station for those voters that need disabled access.

Post elections the full results will be posted on the website. After the 2009 elections have been finalized the website will then be used for the 2010 municipality elections.


  1. what is the link to this website please?

  2. this is a biased , fraudulent website , you have gebran estfan bassil listed as the m8 candidate in batroun ,and that is not an honnest mistake , m8 candidate in batroun is gebran georges bassil. gebran estfan bassil got paid 140,000 dollars to steal away votes from the true m8 candidate ,gebran georges bassil.shame on those who run this website , and call it an official election website .

  3. WE the christians of the east will not bow down and let the world crush us..we've been fighting for past 50 years for our existence here in lebanon.Today my friends we have shown the world and our enemies inside and outside what we are worth.We have won a battle that will lead to our preperation of change.From not till then we will be working and showing how our work will effect our country.Final i'd like to thank all those who participated in this great change.I A PATRIOT for my country know that we deserve a chance to make up for all those who gave there lives for this country so we would be free they gave there blood for us to keep our mountains the mountains that stand for the christians of the east.we will continue in this strugle and give everything we have for it.our existence is here our existence is we celebrate tommorrow at day break we begin our work.(CHANGE) i might add.CHANGE to better who we are where we are and what we do.My fellow Lebanese where ever you are.May God be with you.YOU SHOW THE WORLD WHO WE ARE.

  4. This kind of official election website is very important whenever there's an election because it will update of the happenings about elections.