Thursday, July 9, 2009

Appeals to the Constitutional Council

The election results were accepted by all sides but suddenly the losers in this election, and in some cases even the winners (indirectly), have decided to challenge the results. A barrage of electoral disputes have been delivered to the Constitutional Council hours before the deadline by both sides. An-Nahar has published the full list of those candidates that have complained to the Council:

Candidate Rachid ad Daher against MP Hadi Hobeich

Candidate Nicola Sahnaoui against MP Michel Pharaon

Candidate Eddie Abi al Lamaa against MP Salim Salhab

Candidate Emile Kanaan against MP Ibrahim Kanaan

Candidate Elie Karameh against MP Edgar Maalouf

Candidate Elias Moukhayber against MP Ghassan Moukhayber

Candidate Sarkis Sarkis against MP Nabil Nikola

Candidate Kamil Maalouf against MP Joseph Maalouf

Candidate Rami Oleik against MP Abbas Hachem

Minister Elias Skaf against MP Nicola Fatouch

Former MP Salim Aoun against MP Elie Marouni

Former MP Hassan Yaakoub against MP Okab Sakr

Candidate Rida al Mays against MP Issam Araji

Ambassador Fouad al Turk against MP Toni abou Khater

Candidate Adnan Arakji against MP Nouhad Machnouk

Candidate Ajaj Haddad against MP Issam Sawaya

Former MP Mikhail ad Daher against MP Hadi Hobeich

Candidate Ghassan Rahbani against MP Michel El Mur

Candidate Ghassan al Achkar against MP Sami Gemayel