Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Party Slogans - Future

Party slogan for Saad Hariri's Future Movement:

Pictures are courtesy of Qifa Nabki

The posters read, from left to right: (1) The future is where you will spend the rest of your life; (2) In order to know the future, you have to build it; (3) The future is promising, without a doubt. The third poster is the only one which permits a full analogical reading, producing “The Future [Movement] has promised, without a doubt,” alongside the literal “future is promising” message. (Translations also courtesy of Qifa Nabki)


  1. harire the man who came in lebanon with 400k $ and died with 27 milliards dollars!!!! wot a thief!

  2. what are you sources?? the syrian inteligence?? Hariri was paying more than that to Michel Aoun during his war on what they were called??? syrians, if i recall well, do you recall that or you decided not to, poor minds.