Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Party Slogans - Hezbollah

This is the party slogan for Hassan Nasrallah's Hezbollah

The poster has Lebanon in big green letters with the Hezbollah logo faded to the left. On the right with a red strike through reads, "Your Lebanon, Our Lebanon, Their Lebanon ".

For an excellent article on Hezbollah's election campaign see Qifa Nabki.


  1. Hezbollah should leave Lebanon for the real Lebanese people, Hezbollah does not care for Lebanon, all they care about is Iran

  2. You're an idiot, and you should leave Lebanon. Hezbollah liberated the South and kept the Zionists out in 2006. Hezbollah is the pride of Lebanon.

  3. what were they doing in the center of Beirut of May last year fighting the Zionists??? this is no more resistance, this is a militia trying to take over the country, you don't need to be very smart to understand that you should only try to open your eyes and SEE.

  4. yea open your eyes and you can see that by doing that hezbollah prevented a civil war.