Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Armenians and the elections - Part 3

Tashnak have reportedly rejected any type of alliance with Hariri and the March 14 coalition. Tashnak reiterated that they will be aligned with Aoun in all districts but also stated that they would reach out to all sides before and after the elections. Now Lebanon stated that Tashnak stated that “As it is known, Hariri, during a meeting on March 6 with Tashnaq Secretary General Hovig Mekhitarian, in the presence of MP Michel al-Murr, proposed to exchange four parliamentary seats out of six for us to vote in favor of the March 14 alliance in the Beirut I district, Metn and Zahle.”

The party told Hariri during the second meeting on Tuesday night about the formation of an Armenian bloc to include five deputies, with a sixth reserved for Armenian parties allied with Hariri, which would have the freedom to make political decisions, but the future leader did not respond, according to the statement.

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