Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Voter Registration

For the first time in Lebanon, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has launched a media campaign to raise awareness of the voter registration process.

The campaign intends to spread awareness of the public’s right to check their details on the voter register.

Between 10 February and 10 March, the Election Law provides that all Lebanese citizens have the right to check whether they are correctly included on the voter register before it is published on 30 March.

The outreach campaign by the Ministry, created by IFES and Impact BBDO, encouraged public inspection of the voter register is important through high profile TV and radio spots as well as newspaper adverts and flyers.

Further to this, the Minister of Interior H.E. Mr. Ziyad Baroud sent a personal reminder through a text message to 500.000 mobile phone users and 1.8 million emails throughout Lebanon of the importance of checking their details on the voter register.

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  1. Hi Deen, just came across your blog via the research for my thesis. Great work! Do you have any info on the number of registered voters so far? The last figures I found were from 2008 via IFES. Thanks! Karen