Monday, March 30, 2009

Armenians and the elections - Part 2

This weekend Tashnak released their electoral list. The candidates are:

George Qassargi to run for the Armenian seat in Zahle, Hagop Bakradonian to run in the Northern Metn, Artur Nazarian for the Armenian Orthodox seat in Beirut’s second district, and Gregore Kalost for the Catholic Armenian and Freij Sabonjain for the Orthodox Armenian seats in Beirut’s first electoral district.

Agop Bakradonian is the only formal member of the Tashnak party who will be running in the Beirut II district (there are two Armenian seats). In this district it has already been agreed that the two Armenian candidates will be split with one going to March 8 and one to March 14.

Importantly there was no mention as to the lists that the candidates would run on. However, it is expected that these candidates will run on a Tashnak list that would leave the door open to both Aoun and Murr.

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