Monday, March 23, 2009

EU Observation Report 05

10 observations and recommendations that were learned by the EU Election Observation Mission to Lebanon in 2005:

1. The observers stated that the election took place in a peaceful manner and within the existing framework for elections. But stated there was a need for urgent reform of the legal and election framework.

This took place in Doha but did not occur in line with what the EU was suggesting.

2. The debate on money politics was heated. This led to the EU observers calling for greater monitoring of election campaigning and financial disclosure.

This has been followed up by the Lebanese government and for the first time the media will be monitored and the amount of money spent on campaigning limited.

3. Key constitutional provisions have not been implemented, namely a bicameral Parliamentary system that would reduce the role of confessionalism.

This situation has got worse following the 08 Doha accords that created the current electoral law that has increased confessionalism in the electoral system.

4. Voter registration showed serious shortcomings.

This has been a major campaign for the Ministry of Interior and is probably one of the greatest improvements since the 05 elections.

5. Absence of uniform ballots.

Still a major issue in the upcoming election. An issue that Lebanese politicians all agreed was one that needed to be reformed and then voted against reform when the chance came in parliament.

6. Voter should be registered in their actual place of residence.

This is still not the case.

7. Voting should take place on a single day to allow for equal campaigning opportunities.

This has been agreed to and will take place if the elections go ahead.

8. Limitations on electoral rights for the army and police should be abolished.

This is yet to occur.

9. Lower the voting age to 18.

This has just been passed through parliament but will not be implemented in time for the upcoming elections.

10. A independent electoral body should be established to be in charge of all electoral processes.

This has been established in the form of the SCEC (Supervisory Commission on the Electoral Campaign)

The full report: EU Observation Mission 2005


  1. Thanks for posting these issues and outcomes. It has been really nice to read your reporting on the Lebanese elections so far, information that is otherwise missing.


  2. Thank you Paul your support is greatly appreciated.