Monday, June 8, 2009

The Final Result

The most important district of this election was Zahle; the winner of this election missed by all except supporters was the March 14 coalition. March 14 finished with 71 seats (with two independents) and March 8 finished with 58.

Zahle was expected to go to March 8 (and FPM) but instead it was announced that all seven seats went to March 14.

Overall in the Christian districts, where this election was really occurring, the Lebanese Forces, Kataeb and Christian "independents" of March 14 made vital gains in Beirut One, Zahle and Metn, while also maintaining their seats in Batroun.

The FPM although increasing the number of seats in their Change and Reform coalition to 27 from 21 were unable to gain enough to achieve an electoral win for the March 8 coalition.


  1. what is the role of usa to get a christian president on the seat before lebanon becomes a mouslim country?
    to stop iran to interfere into lebanese governement affairs must be the usa backed forces in lebanon's number one priority. specially hezbollah; i thought the amal faction was fanatic; these guys do not value human life.

  2. Anonymous, didn't you get the memo? The Lebanese president is ALWAYS Christian and the US have nothing to do with it. How about checking basic facts before thinking you know enough to make suggestions.

  3. I do not understand why the USA always has to involve its self in countries where it has no right to be why does the usa just pack its bags from every nation and solve its own problems leave the rest of us to our own devises, its about time they realised that they are not needed or wanted in different countries and cause more problems than they actually solve.

  4. Michael, I have to agree with you whole-heartedly -- I would LOVE for our American Soldiers to stop DYING for these countries that do not appreciate or want the American helping hand. OH, yes, and if we could KEEP all of the MONEY we give to these ungrateful countries then maybe we could feed our own people and help them out instead - maybe keep a hard-working single mother from losing her home OR keep teachers safe in their jobs. I think that is a great idea. Come home, American soldiers - to the people who love and appreciate you - come home.

  5. Casey, there is no need to be patronising. It is no secret that American forces show up unrequested, and that they take sides when they really have no place being there to begin with. It is the one country who ALWAYS interferes. I'm sure you see it as a "helping hand" because you have never witnessed an innocent dying at the hand of those who are "helping". We don't want your soldiers dying anymore than you do, but until you have walked in someone's shoes, witnessed what they have, and have all the information you need to make an informed decision, you really shouldn't comment.