Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calm before the storm?

Many people have commented on the fact there has been relative quite in Lebanon just days before the elections. The occasional security incidents, since January, that have occurred so far have been mainly in Tripoli, Jebail, Batroun, Zahle and Saida. These security incidents have gradually stopped as the elections have drawn nearer, much to everyones surprise.

The usual sensationalist recriminations in the media have also been tame in comparison to the rhetoric that usually gets bounced around the Lebanese arena. Many Lebanese I have talked to have warned that this is just the calm before the storm and are preparing for the weekend to be when it will happen. "This is Lebanon" is the mantra.

What ever the reasons for the calm I think Lebanon should be proud of the fact that before a major internal political event the environment is peaceful and relatively constructive. Of course everything can change in an instant but lets applaud the calm, thus far, while not being complacent of a possible storm on the election weekend.

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