Friday, June 5, 2009

The Curious Case of the Independents

What is an independent in this election?? Is it someone aligned with the President? Not according to Aoun as we have seen with the Jbeil Independent list, led by former advisor to the President Nazam Khoury, that has merged into the March 14 list. Michel Murr in the Metn who is on the Kataeb March 14 list. This allegiance with 'independents' has dropped President Sleiman into hot water, especially in Jbeil. Sleiman Franjieh has also come out forcefully against the President stating that he is making daily visits to his hometown of Amchit in Jbeil encouraging support for Khoury, now of course on the March 14 list.

Tripoli is a unique district for 'independents' that are independent from both the President and the two coalitions March 8 (plus FPM) and March 14. Najib Mikati, on March 14 affiliated list, and Omar Karami, on the March 8 list, are both big political figures in their own right and powerful enough to manoeuvre independently of the five big men that make up March 14 and March 8. Mikati is expected to be the next Prime Minister.


  1. An independent candidate is a candidate not affiliated with any of the "major" political parties (e.g, Kataeb, Hizballah, FPM, AMAL, LF, Future Movement, etc...).

    Nayla Tueni describes herself as an independent candidate and a member of the M14 movement, for instance.

  2. But I think most, myself included, do not take this official definition of an independent as adequate. You cannot be independent of March 14 and be a member that is ridiculous.


  4. You can be independent of a political party and be in March 14th ... technically its not a political party.