Monday, January 26, 2009

The Election battles begin

"Election 'Battle' Launched ~ All 'Weapons' Authorized!" proclaimed al-Manar in a provocative title for an article that declared that the political scene in Lebanon has began the race for the June 7th election. February appears to be the month when the electoral machines will be fully launched but this week has already seen the verbal onslaughts begin.

A central dispute that has arisen is the formation of a neutral bloc by President Suleiman.

Michel Aoun made his position towards was the neutral bloc crystal clear in a press conference: “The neutral bloc is a nickname for March 14,and those who consider themselves within this category should have [taken this position] ten months ago,” he told reporters.

Boutrous Harb , according to NOW Lebanon,responded to Aoun's position regarding the independent bloc by stating that "... the Free Patriotic Movement leader [Michel Aoun] feared that such a bloc would reduce his party’s seats in parliament".

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